Axis Pension Plan

The Scheme

The Axis Pension Plan is a financial arrangement designed to offer self-employed persons an avenue for investing toward their retirement in a tax–qualified pension Fund. This Scheme is tax-qualified to allow you enjoy the advantage of your contributions and benefits free of taxation. It is an ideal product set up to provide a financial fallback to self-employed persons.


The plan provides you retirement benefits based on your accumulated value at the time of withdrawal.


Participants have the option of making supplementary savings in addition to their regular retirement investment account. The savings accounts’ benefits are redeemable once in every 5 years.

Contribution Rate

Participants determine how much they wish to contribute. Contributions could be made by periodic lump sum payments or by a regular contribution plan.

Investment Option

The Scheme offers attractive investment packages set up to provide members tailor-made pre-defined investment allocations to select from.


Member’s investment in the plan can be transferred to another scheme whenever a member decides to exercise that option.

Management Team

The Scheme is managed by three experienced companies who have teamed up to offer excellent pension management services.

Target Companies

The Scheme is open to all self-employed persons, professionals (architects, surveyors, lawyers, accountants etc), and employees of firms with less than ten workers. You become eligible to make contributions by completing a Membership Application Form and submitting it to Axis Pension Trust Lt. Click here to join.